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WSA Solutions Partners

MDL autoMation (MDL)

MDL is the country’s leader in providing total process improvement through Instant Guest Recognition & Messaging using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and License Plate Recognition technologies (LPR) through its Service Drive Concierge™ program. MDL’s Bloodhound™ Bluetooth beacon solution provides both Sales and Service departments with affordable vehicle location management. Dispatch Master effectively manages the movement operation of guest or inventory vehicles from any origin and destination point in a dealership.

Visit www.mdlautomation.com or call 1-888-MDL-RFID (1-888-635-7343) for more information.

TSD Loaner/ Rental Software

Increase profits & performance with TSD's #1 vehicle management solutions. TSD web-based car rental software and service loaner software greatly reduces startup and ongoing hardware, IT, and networking costs. TSD maintains, upgrades, protects and monitors the application, servers and network 24x7x365.

Dealer Tire

Dealer Tire is the only national firm exclusively dedicated to helping original equipment automobile manufacturers design, implement and manage profitable tire programs for their dealerships that, in turn, increase customer satisfaction, customer safety and customer retention. The company's mission of finding and replacing bald tires at dealerships has resulted in millions of safer vehicles on the road.