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Dave Bergamotto
Service Director, Park Ave BMW
South Hackensack, New Jersey

“If you are intending to invest in programs to increase your productivity (in both Technicians and Advisors) and increase profitability, then you would be CRAZY not to invest in WSA™ & TechCheck™ processes. They both work!”

Tony Carimi
Director of Fixed Operations, Park Place Dealerships
Dallas, Texas

“Over the past 7 years, the Wireless Service Advisor® has become the cornerstone of our service drive process. We have molded our service reception around the WSA™ software which has allowed us to maximize our advisor’s performance and unlocked our ideal customer experience. The WSA™ allows us to quickly get our new advisors up to speed and provide our team with all the selling tools they need to be as productive as possible.”

Aric Savage
Service Director, Tonkin Auto Group
Portland, Oregon

“The Wireless Service Advisor® has been a difference maker for our Service Department. We have not only streamlined our process with the WSA technology, it has made my team more productive with each service customer. The combination of the WSA™ mobile write-up and their TechCheck electronic inspection system we have improved our hours per Repair Order as well as elevated our overall Customer Satisfaction (CSI).”

Carol Quintero
Service Director, Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, California

“The Wireless Service Advisor® (WSA™) is a great asset to our service department. Our customers at Beverly Hills Mercedes-Benz appreciate the quick, high-tech and interactive write-up that WSA™ provides. WSA™ allows us to easily add new customers at the vehicle, review Net Star-DCS for campaigns, and if they have been here before, seamlessly view the customer history. The WSA™ step-by-step process makes sure all our advisors follow the prescribed write-up procedure, not missing or skipping important steps.”

August Williams
Service Manager, Temecula Toyota
Temecula, California

“The mobility and versatility the Wireless Service Advisor® provides our dealership is truly a difference maker for us. Seeing in excess of 200 cars a day, the WSA™ allows us to handle the driveway and our customers with ease and at a level of professionalism our customers now expect. The WSA™ enables a consistent write-up process across our team of 13 Service Advisors and gives them more quality time with each of their service guests versus having to go back and forth between their office and the car. We can handle the full write-up at the car or wherever the customer is most comfortable.”

Keith Drake
Service Director , Sam Pack Ford
Lewisville, Texas

“The Wireless Service Advisor technology is a critical tool to our success. The ability for an Advisor to have access to customers information and history at the car during write-up is huge. It enables on the spot up-sells that increase gross by giving the Advisor the ability to look at opportunities in live time. Being able to look at the power steering fluid for example, and show a video indicating the usefulness of exchanging the fluid is key to our higher than average hours per repair order. In addition, you can create a process that must be followed precisely to move forward in the write up thus ensuring maximum accuracy. Lastly, the management tool times the individual steps to confirm the Advisor followed the write-up process as designed. Excellent tool for any size store or franchise.”